Project Ohio – USA

This is a hydroponic greenhouse facility that grows with Prins Leafy Greens System in USA. Over the last years, Prins Group has already built 2 phases for the client. In total 160000square foot. Total production capacity is about 6,000,000 heads/year.

Tempered diffused glass is chosen as roof cover, to achieve more equal light distribution and better climate control in the greenhouse. 

Winter in this region can be very cold. Minimum temperature is around -17° C, with high chances of snow. So a double-screen system is designed for this project, with one layer energy screen, and the other layer shading screen. 

With the help of Prins Leafy Green System, growers can grow nearly 20 times the amount of hydroponic produce in the same space as traditional field farming. Allowing optimum nutritional water usage and accurate climate control, crops in this system require much less water than the same crops grown in soil – up to 90% less in some cases! Without soil, water, human or cross contaminate, without using chemical herbicides and pesticides, these year round Leafy Greens are more fresh and safe.

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