The greenhouse type “Venlo” developed by Prins Group is extremely suitable for growing vegetables, plants and flowers.
Venlo can be supplied in various dimensions and set-ups.
The combination of these characteristics means that Venlo is a greenhouse design that is very flexible and broadly applicable.
This type of greenhouse is currently the most widely used worldwide.

Max Air (cabrio)

The Prins Group Max Air deck and façade system is an expansion of the Venlo greenhouse.
Where the standard Venlo greenhouse has a number of windows per roof section for ventilation, the Max Air deck allows the entire roof to act as a ventilation window, with the roof opening from the gutter instead of from the ridge.


Wide-Span is the wide roof model by Prins Group. The width of the roof in this type of greenhouse creates a lot more space between the greenhouse poles.
As a result, this model is extremely suitable for horticultural projects requiring complex internal transport systems or for the cultivation of trees.

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