In 2015, Prins Group signed a contract as the main sponsor of S.V. Honselersdijk, with the agreement lasting until 30 June 2019. The club achieved some good results during this period, including promotion of the 1st team to the 2nd division in 2016 and the 2nd team to the 1st division in 2017. The highlight of this period was achieved on 16 July 2018, when the 1st team was promoted to the 1st division! This formed part of the reason to renegotiate the current contract and sign a new agreement for five years, starting on 1 July 2018. We hope that there will be many more achievements with Prins Group as the main sponsor.

As a loyal supporter of S.V. Honselersdijk, Prins Group is very proud of the fact that they will be the main sponsor of the senior first team for a further 5 years!