Research centre

Prins Group does not only produce greenhouses that are used commercially, it also manufactures special greenhouses for research purposes.

In contrast to commercial companies, the research centre consists of various small sections. These sections need to function independently.

The environmental conditions in the greenhouse are computer-controlled and monitored 24/7. Environmental monitoring is an automated process, including heating, cooling, humidification or dehumidification, photoperiodic lighting, shade and thermal screens, water supply and fertilisation and many other factors.

Simulating the seasons

Accuracy and efficiency are the most important factors for research facilities. Each season - winter, spring, summer or autumn - needs to be simulated in the greenhouse, regardless of the reality outside.

All seasons can be simulated simultaneously in different sections. For example, whilst the outside temperature in August is 25 degrees, section 3 might simulate the middle of winter and section 5 might simulate spring.

The ability to create these climates requires significant cooling capacity and very good insulation. The opposite applies for heating the greenhouse to create summer conditions in the sections whilst it is winter outside.

The facility plays a vital role in plant breeding and genetics, phytoremediation, plant propagation and research into weed control and pest management.

These specially adapted conditions can help to reduce the breeding process from ten years to approximately seven years. This will significantly accelerate the research and you will save a lot on investments.

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