Multi climate

The Multi Climate system by Prins Group provides the correct climate solutions anywhere in the world, in order to grow products in a sustainable, healthy and productive manner.

The Multi Climate system allows you to create an exceptionally accurate and uniform climate in the greenhouse. This ultimately results in improved production.
The desired climate is achieved by a control system in combination with ventilation, using outdoor air and/or indoor air, humidification and/or dehumidification and heating and/or cooling. The climate is streamlined through air tubes positioned under the crop.
This allows the climate to be distributed as evenly as possible in the greenhouse.
The optimum control of humidity and temperature and the use of screen installations results in a greater energy saving and improved CO2 concentrations. Not only does the Multi Climate system result in increased production, it also yields a higher quality and healthier crop.

New growing method

Prins Group has all the know-how in house to determine which installations are required to create an accurate and uniform climate for each individual project. Use of the Multi Climate system will require a new growing method.
Prins Group is able to help its customers in this process. We offer remote assistance in managing the installations. We can also provide growing advice.
In this manner, we can assist in the management of the greenhouse and accompanying installations, as well as managing crop growth itself.

Prins Group aims to set up projects that will become successful and in which products will be grown to a high standard and in a healthy manner!

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