Project Beijing – China

The total project includes 6 ha of tomato greenhouse, a propagation compartment and auxiliary facilities. It is a high-tech glass greenhouse equipped with heating, cooling, lighting, screening, fogging, drip irrigation, ventilation, roof cleaning, computerized automation system, etc. The main goal is not only to grow vegetables, but also to share horticultural knowledge.

In the location where the project is located, climate can be very challenging for growers. This means in the winter can be very cold, and in the summer can be very hot. Based on this situation, the greenhouse is designed to handle both hot and cold scenarios. Continuous open window, high pressure fogging system, outside screen and high Haze diffuse glass covers are installed because of the high temperature during summer. Double screen, heating pipes, and growing pipes are installed for the demand of the cold winter. The cooling system can make sure the young plants have the optimum temperature even during the hottest months. UV light disinfection and RO units are designed in the irrigation system to make sure plants get high quality water.

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