Project Kwintsheul 2 – The Netherlands

Plantanious is known for its innovative approach to cultivating a wide range of special house plants and flowering seasonal products. The family business is run by Freek Jansen and his brother Joost, who do so with a passion for nature and respect for the environment. The brothers prioritize energy conservation and, accordingly, have implemented a second energy screen to further enhance their sustainable practices.

Freek emphasizes the importance of climate screens in the greenhouse to create the right climate and save energy. "We have a 'warm cultivation,' so it's crucial to have two climate screens. We replaced our 'sunscreen' with an energy screen. The function is the same, namely to shield sunlight in the summer, but with this climate screen, we can also save energy in the winter."

Choosing Harmony

The project at Plantanious involved replacing the lower climate screen with two new climate screens. Freek opted for the Harmony type from Svensson: "The upper climate screen is a Luxous screen. That screen allows quite a lot of light through, which is why we chose Harmony for the lower climate screen, to be able to screen enough light." Freek has positive expectations for the results of the two screens: "We already had one section in the greenhouse with two energy screens, so we knew we could save energy. We expect an energy reduction of around 15%."

Confidence in Svensson

Plantanious is a valued customer of Svensson, located in Hellevoetsluis. Freek emphasizes the importance of the quality and reliability of the climate screens in his greenhouse: "A climate screen simply needs to be good and reliable. And, of course, last a long time. I think Svensson really understands the needs and requirements of the grower and provides excellent climate screens for that purpose."

Staged installation by Prins Group

The installation of the Harmony climate screen is carried out in stages in the greenhouse. Freek explains why: "We tackle one section each year. This way, we spread the investment and the impact of the installation on our workflow. Replacing such a climate screen is quite a task, given that we are in the middle of our operational processes. Therefore, we choose not to do this during the busiest season but instead opt for March and September, allowing enough time to effectively screen the sun during the summer." Marco Zwinkels adds: "We make clear agreements regarding the installation work, ensuring that daily operations can continue smoothly. It's a matter of good coordination and ongoing communication."

The installation of the Svensson climate screens was handled by Prins Group. Freek appreciates the collaboration: "Prins Group is a reliable partner. A solid company that communicates well, keeps its promises, arrives on time, and has qualified personnel. We have confidence in their craftsmanship."

Marco confirms the pleasant collaboration and strong connection between the two companies from Kwintsheul, The Netherlands. "We have been doing business together for years. What's rewarding is that we've experienced growth together. The next generation is now in charge, both at Plantanious and in our company. Being practically 'neighbors' in Kwintsheul adds an extra layer of significance to executing a project locally and in such close proximity."

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